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Composer: Dave Brown

Lyricist: Dave Brown

Date Written: 2006

Publications: Tune In!

Genre: Contemporary Worship song

Style: Ballad

Key: F

Scripture References: John 10:10


Vs 1 Come our God and visit us sick we pray

Lend us hope when hopeless seems the way

Low down young and old, end the pain we hold


Ch Come to us when we’re lost

Lead us into your abundant life, your abundant life


Vs 2 Come then Jesus servant of the world

Lend us joy when joyless is our serve

Heal our broken wings; soothe our suffering


Vs 3 Come now Spirit, enter in our doubt

Flattened hearts that cannot raise a shout

Teach us how to be, in this modernity


Vs 4 Come great liberator to our land

Sing the sacred dreaming of the sands

In the desert place, show to us your grace

Your abundant life

Your abundant life