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Composer: Dave Brown

Lyricist: Sheree Anderson

Date Written: 2004

Publications: Tune In!

Genre: Contemporary Worship song

Style: Ballad

Key: F

Scripture References:


Vs 1 He comes with his arms open wide

A sheltering place I can hide

And my deepest fears, questions and tears

I can face with his strength as my guide


Vs 2 She comes with a smile on her face

Loving kindness my wrongs to erase

My company she keeps, for the pleasure it reaps

My life she will renew with her grace


Vs 3 Both father and mother to me

More loving than parents can be

The God that I know, is a stranger no more

But the place where I find myself free


Vs 4 I walk this earth on my own

Carrying a promise I’m not alone

Gift that is mine, for all of my time

Love that lets me know that I am home

Love that lets me know that I am home