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Composer: Elaine Loukes

Lyricist: Elaine Loukes

Date Written: 2006

Publications: Tune In!

Genre: Contemporary Worship song

Style: Ballad

Key: F

Scripture References:


Vs 1 Have you ever felt the velvet night wrap you in her warmth?

Have you known the soothing darkness lull you into calm?

Have you shared the night stars’ company burning friendly light?

In the dim light God is present

Shepherd of the night


Vs 2 Have you felt strong arms embrace you when you were alone?

Has a sense of peace grown in you ‘til it overflows?

Have your tears brought with them healing like a gentle rain?

In the moments of our solitude

God is doctor for our pain


Vs 3 Just like a gentle breeze you come, spirit God our constant friend

Just like a song you fill our hearts

Just as a flame you light the way lamp of life our brightest friend

Just like a guide you bring us home

Hold me close like a mother with her young

Wrap me ‘round with your embracing love

In the dim light God is present

Shepherd of the night