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Composer: Dave Brown

Lyricist: Dave Brown

Date Written: 2006

Publications: Tune In!

Genre: Contemporary Worship song

Style: Funk Rock

Key: Em

Scripture References: Mark 1:18


Vs 1 Hail the fishermen long ago who took their chances on the road

Bet their futures not lived yet and cast aside their fishing nets

The fishermen


Vs 2 Hail the women of Galilee, who stood beside a brooding sea

Watched it all and cried the end and were the first to start again

Hail the women


Vs 3 Hail the slaves and the broken ones who turned their hearts to the

kingdom come

Wove their drama into song and leapt for joy when he came along

The broken ones


Vs 4 Hail the ones who left us young, when their life had just begun

Pure as innocence can be and we bless their memory

All hail the young


Vs 5 Hail the saints and martyrs here, in lands and lifetimes through

the years

Prayer and action, joy and tears who left a trail to walk through fear

The martyrs here


Vs 6 Hail the old and hail the wise, who know the myst’ry of our lives

Watch the sunset, touch the rain and lose their life to be regained

All hail the aged


Vs 7 Hail the fisherfolk of today, who hear the call and live the way

Beside God to make a stand for truth and mercy in this land

The fisherfolk

The fisherfolk

The fisherfolk