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Composer: Sheree Anderson

Lyricist: Sheree Anderson

Date Written: 2005

Publications: Tune In!

Genre: Contemporary Worship song

Style: Rock ballad

Key: G

Scripture References: Psalms 40; Mark 5:25-29; Luke 7:36-50, 15:11-24, 17:11-19


Vs 1 Like the sun upon my skin

I can smile and soak it in

and my wounds begin to heal

That’s God’s mercy


Vs 2 Like a fragrance in the air

Scent that lightens my despair

Loving kindness always there

That’s God’s mercy


Ch When I’m feeling lost from all that’s good

When I’m failing all the good I would

When I fear that all I ever could become lies wasted

When I can’t reach out, accept, forgive

When it’s hard to change the way I live

When my need for care, for love, to give, are all frustrated


Vs 3 Like a flower opening wide

Glow of love that spreads inside

Humble gift to breach my pride

That’s God’s mercy


Vs 4 Loving gaze upon my soul

Seeing all complete and whole

Healing vision to console

That’s God’s mercy


Vs 5 Gentle breath upon my heart

Warm embrace that takes my part

Place of strength from where I start

That’s God’s mercy

For me