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Composer: Elaine Loukes

Lyricist: Elaine Loukes

Date Written: 2006

Publications: Tune In!

Genre: Contemporary Worship song

Style: Rock

Key: D

Scripture References:


Ch Dare to dream of new beginnings

Paths untried by faith supplied

Dare to walk and dare to follow

Bathed in light of Bethl’em’s star

Led by light of Bethl’em’s star


Vs 1 Wake and breathe in scent of promise

Shake the binds of dull despair

Hear the call to generations

“God is alive!” – let all prepare


Vs 2 Travel light, no need for baggage

Come explore the mystery

God of prophets – strong enduring

Christ child – finite frailty


Vs 3 Dance the timeless steps of rejoicing

Harmonise with angel’s choir

Celebrate God’s constant presence

by living infant Christ inspired


Vs 4 Boldly step into the unseen

Knowing God will meet us there

Love unbounded throughout history

Be the road that we have shared