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Composer: Elaine Loukes

Lyricist: Elaine Loukes

Date Written: 2006

Publications: Tune In!

Genre: Contemporary Worship song

Style: Rock Ballad

Key: Eb

Scripture References:


Vs 1 When our ears are closed to cries of need

Selfish ways that crush and hurt and trample

When minds are set and we don’t want to know

How others stand to lose

While we look for gain

Turning our dulled eyes

From helplessness and pain. Then . . .


Ch Cover us with love and fill our heart with song

Change our narrow ways, give us compassion strong

Be our vision Lord in a world that’s filled with greed

Be our wisdom true, plant in our heart this seed


Vs 2 When we fail to see what we destroy

Gath’ring greedily from nature’s treasure

Understanding little why we feel

The need to take away

The future of us all

Hardening our hearts

To the uniqueness of this place. Then . . .


Vs 3 When our hearts are cold without Your flame

Believing we can live without Your spirit

Convenience when we can ill afford

To mould You or contain

Or put you in Your place

Though foolishly we try

To limit and restrain. So . . .