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Composer: Dave Brown

Lyricist: Dave Brown

Date Written: 2004

Publications: Tune In!, All Together for Good

Genre: Contemporary Worship song

Style: Latin Rock

Key: D

Scripture References: Matthew 10:40; Mark 9:41


Ch Part of a family,


this is community

Welcoming strangers,

visiting neighbours,

this gives us dignity


Vs 1 Care for the earth and sea,

we need to keep them free

So we care for the earth and sea.

Care for the ones we meet,

love is the face we see

When we care for the ones we meet.


Vs 2 Sharing our joy and pain,

praying and keeping faith

By sharing our joy and pain

Singing a song of rights,

imaging God in life,

by singing a song of rights.


Ch 2 Talk to the lonely,

bind up the broken,

this makes community

A glass of water shared with the thirsty,

this makes for dignity

This makes for dignity

This is community