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Composer: Matthew Lees

Lyricist: Matthew Lees

Date Written: 2006

Publications: Tune In!

Genre: Contemporary Worship song

Style: Kid’s Song for Adults

Key: D

Scripture References: Acts 18:22-29


Vs 1 Can you see God on a clear, starry night sitting down under a tree?

Can you see God on a high mountain top looking out across the sea?

God’s been in creation since very long ago

As seasons pass, to all creatures and plants, God brings life and

makes them grow


Vs 2 Can you see God in the heat and the noise of a bustling large city?

Can you see God in the faces you pass as you walk down a main street?

God is with the people throughout their busy days

In ev’ry act showing kindness and love you can see God there always


Vs 3 Can you see God in a man long ago from a place you’vecnever been?

Can you see God when he teaches and heals and shares meals with

the unclean?

He scared those in power; they nailed him to a tree

But he lives on, and his message of love has rung out through history


Vs 4 Can you see God when you get out of bed, go to church on each Sunday?

Can you see God when you’re welcomed inside and the people start

to pray?

Making some time sacred is just the very start

Learn to be one with God all through the day ‘til you find God in your heart


Vs 5 Can you see God in a world that’s unfair, full of people cold and poor?

Can you see God in a world where the rich are the ones the best at war?

God calls us to change it, to set God’s people free

May kingdom come and may God’s will be done so the world’s how it

should be