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Composer: Sheree Anderson

Lyricist: Sheree Anderson

Date Written: 2006

Publications: Tune In!

Genre: Contemporary Worship song

Style: Gentle Rock

Key: A

Scripture References: John 12:24


Vs 1 He left his home, fam’ly, friends, a livelihood undone

He listened to a call within and took a path that none

Had taken before him

He said life was different to what we had known

He took the message of God’s love and he really brought it home


Ch Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground

Unless a grain of wheat dies to the world around

Its shell will not be broken or its heart reach for the sun

Roots won’t grow deep into the earth

The seed will never become

All that it is (Hmm)

All that it is

All that it is (Hmm)

All that it is


Vs 2 He spoke as if God’s living touch was right within his heart

His hands reached out to heal with love and this was just the start

Of a new world revival

He said we’d do greater that what he had done

He let the Spirit’s power unfold and he grew into God’s son


Vs 3 He scared us with a love so bold we nailed him to a tree

And as he let his body break it was clear to see

God flowing through him

He said this could happen for all who believed

A life empowered by truth and love is waiting as a seed